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Wrist Coils with Split Key Rings

Wrist coils are made from flexible spiral plastic and go on your wrist or arm and are great for holding keys or a card. They are colorful and convenient and due to their nature, one size fits all. Every single flexible plastic wrist coil comes with an attached steel split ring key. The plastic coil is approximately 2″ round outside diameter. Keep your keys organized on your wrist! Tip: Use different color wrist coils to organize your keys or to organize your people. You can think of your team like a Navy Top Gun crew.

There are 100 names for wrist coils with key rings or without, its hard to advertise for these things! Some names drop the ‘wrist’ for people that think outside the box I guess. We like plastic wrist coils or wrist coils with key ring. Wrist Coil key holders now come in cool plastic metallic colors! We even got a rainbow wrist coil made. Product Safety: Don’t gift one of these and call it a ‘bracelet’ – What happens is not pretty.

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Showing all 29 results