About Us

Wrist Coil Art of Flowers and Sun

Why is a T-shirt Company selling wrist coils?

ClassB is one of the best custom t-shirt printers around. We have trouble saying no to our customers. Many years ago, we would get requests for wrist coils. We found a great source and started selling them. Wristcoils.com was created because search engines were confused about the nature of a dual t-shirt & wrist coils site. So the problem is now hopefully fixed.

We have been in business since 1982. Offering wrist coils since the early 1990’s

Wristcoils.com by ClassB

Wrist coil shopping at its finest

Note to marketing: can we get a martini or champagne glass with a wrist coil in it? that was such a hit at the holiday party. we have got to have a photo!

Owner of the Company

For reasons unknown to us, we have to disclose who the owners of the company are so we show up in google shopping. Its no problem at all of course 🙂 Thank goodness we are a small company, and not a large public company with 1000’s of owners :0
The sole company owner of wristcoils.com and classb.com is Eric Hilferding. He is also the sole owner of and creator of all grammar and spelling errors.