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After a crazy holiday party, we looked on the ground strewn with wrist coils and had an idea – ASSORTED! Always store your assorted colors next to a motivational poster because they can get a bit freaked out. They spend there entire lives no knowing the world, a blissful serenity, then boom, its like walking to the Men in Black HQ. Counseling helps too.

NOTE: To address a common question, we not selling the actual ones from the party, they got incinerated – to be safe 😉

How Does Assorted Wrist coils work? Any color we sell can be mixed in any way you want. In the notes field tell us how you want ’em. We can make it work by percentages, exact numbers, even ‘mix of all the blue and green shades you have’. If you order 25 and say one of each color – you’ll end up with a few duplicates. Like a little Cub Scout, we will “Do our Best”!

All the colors come with a split key ring attached

Mix any color wrist coils for bulk discounts. Discounts will show in your cart.

Please note: There are slight variations in coil thickness, density, and circumference between the different colors.

Wrist coils have many names: coil keychains, plastic key coils, key coils, plastic coil bracelet, wrist coil keychains, wristband key holder, spiral wrist band, coil keychain, wrist key holder, spiral key coil, spiral wrist keychain, and key coil. Of the Alternatives, Coil Wristbands seems the 2nd most popular to plain old Wrist Coils.

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Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x .45 in


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