Translucent Yellow Wrist Coils

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Wrist Coils in Translucent Yellow for a variety of uses – include in welcome bags, give to employees, customers, attach to usb drives and other items for ID.

Translucent Yellow wrist coils serve a real purpose. Here at Wristcoils by ClassB, we often lose our keys in the snow. A lone key is like a bunker buster in a snow drift. You might not see it again until spring. Our Translucent wrist coils provide just right resistance to keep your keys from torpedoing. You can come back and no one will touch it because its yellow and in the snow – genius!

Translucent Yellow wrist coil keychains come with a split key ring

Mix any color wrist coils for bulk discounts. Discounts will show in your cart.

Please note: There are slight variations in coil thickness, density, and circumference between the different colors.

Yellow Wrist coils have many names: plastic key coils, key coils, plastic coil bracelet, wrist coil key chains, spiral wrist band, coil keychain, spiral wrist keychain, key coil, spiral key coil. Most popular term is the basic: Wrist Coils.

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Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × .45 in

4 reviews for Translucent Yellow Wrist Coils

  1. Lynn Soucy (verified owner)

  2. Douglas Burket (verified owner)

    All the yellows were twisted in a permanent figure 8

  3. Diana C. (verified owner)

    Bright yellow love it

  4. HNin (verified owner)

    so cute!

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